I Walked

As a born and raised New Yorker, walking (fast preferably) has always been something I am used to. And before moving down south for college, I hadn’t even really thought of any other way to get around, not even by bicycle. As soon as I got to Savannah bicycle is what I did, that is, until I got in a series of debilitating bicycle accidents that have probably scared me away from the two wheeled machines forever. That began my serious walking, which luckily was easy in a city as small as Savannah, and I could always get anywhere in the city within 45 minutes on my feet. After moving back to New York, I realized how much the subway actually takes away from the walking exercise I felt like I was getting down in the dirty dirty.

SO. Now, on my little visit down here I find myself walking again, especially when Herbie is away at work, and I am too scared to get on his fancy hipster fixed gear. My walk today took me from Ardsley Park to The Sentient Bean, about 30 minutes, and heres some snappies I took along the way.

Balloon Fair...love it

<3 <3 <3

After a long day at work, he comes home and does more work. I did have dinner ready for him when he got here, but I suppose my yummy spaghetti carbonara needed to be supplemented by vanilla yogurt…oh well.

this book

So I had a good meander around Barnes and Noble yesterday with Herbie and ended up picking up a copy of The Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin. I’ve only had it for a about 24 hours but I have really delved into it, and am super impressed. Its totally inspiring and helpful, and is really helping me to see how easy it can be successful at something I love as long as I have the proper drive, and of course, my tech savvy boyfriend makes things a little easier also. What I like about the book is that although a lot of what it goes through is stuff I already know in the back of my head, she really breaks it down simply, and gives comprehensive tips on how to get something successful started. Reading it feels like talking to a good friend who always has excellent advice, and the illustrations by Emily Martin (a.k.a. The Black Apple) and Jen Skelley make my eyeballs feel good.