Picture This

its true, I love my boyfriend. so when I was stuck home sick I found a ¬†batch of pictures from a disposable camera I used one of the times I was down in Savannah visiting him, and i found this picture of us that I LOVE. so in the spirit of valentines day i decided to use it in the heat of my crafty mood. My mom has a bunch of these white picture frames from IKEA, and I thought I would try and spruce it up a bit. I have always been a big collector of things. anything cute or small or shiny that i like I tend to throw in a bag knowing i’ll use it for something or other. I thought i would break out some of these bobbles for the picture frame.

The picture frame before i messed with it

the start

The dragonfly is an enamel brooch with a broken pin, and the little silver feather is a broken earring. the bells and fake pearls add I little bit of girly sparkle, I guess the little pink stars do to haha.


I admit, the little mouse is random..BUT SO CUTE!


just about finished.


pretty purple silk bows


more broken earrings, a lemon slice eraser and little plastic cherries, obviously!


I love the little amber stones!

So, im pretty happy with the end result. Its cute and girly, and there is a romantic and nostalgic feeling to me. I used up a lot of my random bobbles, but i had a lot of fun doing it and would like to keep trying this picture frame thing out with different types of materials. let me know what you think!


its way late. I can’t sleep. but its alright, Detectives Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson are keeping me company. OH, also, this amazing blog I discovered via Design*Sponge. Its called The Art of Doing Stuff. Now, I am way new to this whole blogging thing, and I may not be great about it just yet, but I instantly fell for this one. For one thing, this woman is HILARIOUS. Her entries are sweet and funny, and I love that you can really get a sense for the witty person she is through her writing. It doesn’t only come out in her writing but in her myriad of crafty talents! I seriously got lost looking through all the fun stuff she does. Needless to say, i am definitely inspired. Here are some of my favorite projects of hers…that I have discovered thus far.


7 ways to stack books


tie dyed beets


Okay. I am officially tired. but this isn’t over. Karen’s tie dyed beets have reminded me just how much i love those earthy root vegables, after all, anyone who has read Jitterbug Perfume by Tom Robbins knows that beets are the secret essence of the universe and the key to immortality. So i’ll be back tomorrow, because that lovely lady’s need to make stuff has made me realize mine. GOODNIGHT.